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Hi Folks, I’m Bentley the most loving and accepting of all humans Dachsund around.  Caution!! This blog may contain serious as well as humorous material and should not be read while driving!!  The first thing I want to discuss is our business, and yes, I do call this our business, as I am the marketing director of Earth Angel Coaching and Bodyworks, LLC.  I have also been known to sit in on a session or 2 and have even had special request that I be present during a session.   We are a business of celebrating progress, not perfection.  We want to help people with chronic or new issues that are keeping you from enjoying life to the fullest.  If you are done with having your limitations prevent you from moving forward and experiencing real joy in life, then we are for you!   

Now let’s talk about what’s in a name…. The name of the business started long before I came into the picture.  (I say this because most people think its about me.)  Way back when Mom was in massage school she came up with the name, Earth Angel Bodyworks, because it reflected her out look in life.  We all have earth angels in us, and we may never know the impact we may have on another.  People can come in and out of our lives (even if it is for 5 minutes) and affect us profoundly.  Whether opening the door for someone who has an arm full of packages or just making eye contact and smiling, you are accessing your inner earth angel.  Some of us (yep – even Mom) access their inner earth angel so much that we start letting our inner earth demon out!!   Getting a massage or a coaching session can help us continue to impact the world in a more positive way.   I do my best!! (one reason my nick name is “Sir Licks-a-lot”) Good bye for now – Love and Light!!

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